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Congrats on your engagement! We're honored that our photographs have caught your eye. If you so desire, please continue reading to learn everything your little heart could ever want to know about what it's like to work with us.

That's us in the photograph up there. We're Ben and Laura Zastrow, the brains and skill behind Laura Zastrow Photography. For the past eight years, our clients have been working most closely with Laura, but you and your fiance are one of the first couples to have the opportunity to hire us as a team. Starting in 2018, our full-coverage seven-hour packages include photography coverage from the both of us on your wedding day.

So grab your love and your favorite libation, and peruse the below information. If what you see resonates with the style and budget you envision for your wedding day, let's set up a time to chat details.



These are the real, edited images that have been delivered to our clients. 

Our hope is that viewing a full collection of photos will tell the story of the wedding day of each of our couples and give you an idea of what the photos from a whole wedding day look like, not just the featured portfolio images. Click the couple's names to view their day in full.

Please keep in mind that coverage time, activities throughout the day, and many other factors play into the number of images each couple receives.

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art


Madison Public Library » Overture Center

Ovation Building Rooftop (rehearsal) » Over the Vines

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery



How long have you been making photographs?

Laura fell in love with photography in high school and was known as the girl with the camera. After graduation, she set it aside until a friend contacted her in 2009 asking her to be his wedding photographer. Approximately ten (free) weddings later, Laura Zastrow Photography was launched in March of 2010. To date, Laura estimates being a part of around 230 wedding days! Ben has been the big-picture guy and bookkeeper for the business since the beginning, and he came on board assisting in 2016 after learning and pursuing other photography projects himself. We're happy to say that we make a pretty great team!

What happens if you are sick on our wedding day?

I am grateful, to date, that we have never had to bail on a wedding day! But this is our worst nightmare. Luckily, our very best friends are wedding photographers, and we’re also a part of a tight-knit local network of quality professional photographers. Knock on wood that this will never happen, but if we are unable to show up on your day due to an emergency, we will go above and beyond to make sure you are in good hands. If this is somehow impossible to do, you will be refunded in full with our sincerest apologies.

I’ve heard horror stories about photographers never giving couples their photographs or losing all their image files. How can we be sure this won’t happen to us?

Stories like this make us cringe. Please Google our business and read reviews to hear previous clients’ experiences of working with us. There is no benefit to me taking your wedding photos and not giving them to you. I’m proud to show you what I’ve captured from your day! When we get home from photographing your day, our photo files are transferred to at least two hard drives. To date, i am thankful to say that i’ve never lost a client’s wedding photos.

Why do you cost more than such-and-such other photographer?

It costs a lot to run a business and this business supports myself, my husband, and our four kids. As sailor jerry says, “good things ain’t cheap and cheap things ain’t good.” As you know, there are so many variables that make no two wedding days alike. When you hire Laura Zastrow Photography, you are hiring experience, quality, and consistency that we’ve built over the past eight years. Can’t tell a difference in the quality between the cheaper photographer and us? Then by all means, save yourself the dough, and this is where we’ll part ways. My feelings won’t be hurt!

Do you travel?

We love to. Please inquire for specifics. In the past we've been flown to Mexico, NYC, Philly, Maine, and Washington, D.C. to photograph couples in love, and it would be our pleasure to hear your plans about a non-Midwest photo sesh.

How do we book you?

Let's meet for a drink at your favorite local spot (or virtually if you’re outside of the Madison area) and chat about your day. If we’re a good fit, a $1000 retainer check along with a digitally-signed contract holds your date. (The remainder of the balance will be due two weeks before your wedding.)

All prices are subject to 5.5% sales tax.
Pricing based upon availability and subject to change at any time without signed contract and retainer.